Instore /Grocery tours

Our high street and retail brand marketing campaigns ensure you have a stress-free experience. We run your project including all logistical planning and operation, ensuring everything is delivered and the setup correctly prior to the days activity

We place huge importance on customer service and over the years,
built long standing relationships with many clients whom have recommend us to other exhibitors time and time again.

Instore /Grocery tours

Pre event logistic costing analysis

Organisation with each venue manager

Loading of stocks and promotional literature

Loading of promotional samples and display stocks

Delivery to venue

Organise Local show support staff

Stock and event reporting

No multi agencies involved, Cescom supply everything for your instore event including branded vehicles and instore displays, event manager/driver, Promotional staffing and all logistics.


Covers all aspects of Instore event marketing

Supporting you retail network is an integral part of a brands marketing strategy, We have 20 years experience in the management and delivery of successful Grocery and instore marketing events.

Our range of product marketing trailers or our Classic vintage show vehicle enable your organisation to create real impact at any retail event, high street, retail park or business premises. 

Face to face , live experiences  drives word of mouth,89 % off consumers want to try products before they buy.

Cost effective services

Because we have in-house graphic and display manufacturing facilities, and our own range of product marketing trailers and vintage sampling trucks , we are able to supply everything for your instore event days

lets get creative

From a one off event to a range of events covering the UK , We can manage all logistics, supply fully branded promotional vehicles, load all event samples and literature,  liaise with store management and supply trained promotional staff.