Trailer Repairs

Full repairs and maintenance services available from

12 v electrical repairs to chassis and breaking systems

Body and Panel Repairs . Roofing Resealing Door Replacements  

Wheel and Tyres  Horse Box Side panels and kick plates

Call is for a free Quotation on any kind of Trailer Repairs 

Our Trailer Repair Service covers all areas of damage.

Simply call and we will come out and view the trailer, we will then send you a full cost quotation prior to acceptance and collection or your delivery of the trailer to our premises 

by downloading our Boxer Trailer App you can request a quotation and book repairs and Servicing direct from your mobile phone 

Horse Box Side Panel Replacement
Axle Maintenance and Replacement
Trailer Floor Repairs and Replacement
Internal Fittings Repairs
Exterior Branding Replacement
Break Shoe Replacement
Tyre Replacement
Hitch and A Frame Repairs

"Keep your trailer fit for the road"

Trailer Repairs 

Our trailer repair service includes

 Trailer chassis . Body repairs . Running gear . Internal fixtures and fittings

 12 V electrical wiring and replace lights, Trailer flooring replacement

Body panel riveting and revealing . Roof Repairs

!2v Electrical wiring repairs and replacement
Damper Replacement
Hub Replacement
Bearing Replacement
Trailer Chassis Welding
12v Lighting Replacement
Aluminium Side Panel Replacements
Trailer Cover Repairs and Replacements

Full Refits And Alteration Services

Full internal fit outs, Resprays and Rebranding,  Internal  and external alterations