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Purchasing an exhibition trailer or vehicle guide

Successfully interact with your chosen audience

The success of your campaign is dependent on the design of the exhibition trailer you choose to promote your company

Fit for purpose, good design and clear communication, the creation of an eye catching ground level display area that eliminates any barriers between the product and service your promoting, enabling your event team to successfully interact with the passing consumer

We offer a range of exhibition trailers body shell designs that can be used for Hospitality, Retail shop, Mobile support, Community support and Mobile staff training, plus we also offer product merchandising trailers designs that are unique within the industry enabling you to promote your products and services on the high street or outdoor event in wet or dry conditions. And then then drive into an indoor exhibition venue, setup with our power tower system which locks on to the front of the unit, covering the A frame, creating a 3.6 meter high tower giving the exhibition trailer the presence of a purpose built stand, at a fraction of the cost.

Exhibition trailers come in different styles and sizes

Creating a successful design to compliment your campaign, you should first ask the following questions !

What is the build budget

Our Boxer exhibition trailer prices range form around £7000 to £28000 dependent on you style and design requirements.

What are your design requirements.

What s your campaign about, Hospitality, Product sales, Product marketing, Consumer and Public

information, Mobile shop, Show support or Community support.

To create a successful campaign, the design must fit your ongoing requirements, examples include.

If your promoting or selling a product then you need to consider designs that will eliminate any barrierssuch as steps or doors between your product displays and the passing consumer, Product Sales trailers or Product Marketing trailer designs are perfect for this kind of promotion.

If your wanting to promote a service or public information then consider a consumer information trailer design which enables you to display the required information and literature including Tv monitors atground level.

Community support trailer designs should focus on a consumer friendly, design with a relaxed internal atmosphere, with seating, internal wall graphics and interactive media, the exterior colour and graphics designs should be colourful and interesting to entice the consumer on board.

Our range of dual purpose trailers are perfect for companies requiring both ground level introduction and information display areas for brochures and TV monitors, but also have internal hospitality and seating areas within the trailer, this kind of design is perfect for Car sales or Agricultural equipment sales.

Keep within the law

VOSA regulations on towing vehicles, delivery to venues, setup and secure storage are all points you need to consider, we help many of our clients offering a Total Care exhibition trailer service which includes all of the above mentioned areas. Using our communication and booking app you can request a quote, view and budget for all delivery and setup costs associated with most major shows and venues throughout the UK prior to booking the event, you can book our services for each event and communicate any special requirements all from you mobile phone or tablet.

What are the estimated stand space costs per event.

The bigger the unit means the higher running cost and booking space costs associated with attending events, stand space costs are usually on a Mtr frontage basis at out door events. If you intend to use the unit as an indoor exhibition stand, most venues cost the stand per square Mtr.

Think about the bigger picture

So many companies set out to impress with a large exhibition trailer or a van based exhibition vehicle, only later to realise the cost and logistical implications to the company, with vehicle based exhibition vehicles, who will be driving and setting up this unit within the company, how do they attended events and organise there accommodation needs, where to they park the vehicle when the event is over and your staff want to get home. be practical and understand both your immediate and future requirements, the design and size are the key to success, attending outdoor events is one thing but what about Indoor Exhibitions and High street promotions, supporting your network of dealerships or Retail outlets.

On the road presence

Nothings more boring than a white unbranded exhibition vehicle or trailer, remember a fully sprayed external body with dynamic graphics can create impact for your brand even before they get to the event.

  If you need any help and information on the design and purchase of an exhibition trailer, the contract giles smith for an informal chat about your thoughts and requirements.

Or visit us at www.ceseventsupport.com