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PromoPod Indoor Mobile Stand

This is an individual unit system which enables your to design your own stand

Promopod is a wheel in wheel out exhibition stand designed for shell schemes, and can be adapted to fit all shell scheme sizes


Quick and easy to design

Mix and match systems

The individual units lock together when in place

No stand build involved 

Choice of colours

Dynamic back lit branding

Lockable base units 

Modular  eco friendly designs

PromoPod creates no waste

Our Shell Scheme designs ar completely re usable and creates no build up or breakdown waste.

Made with individual base units that are manufactured on lockable wheels and height adjusters, these are then rolled in to place and levelled, then lock together to form the base of the stand, the upper sections are then put in place and attached to the base units, all electrics and back lighting is already fitted, the branding panels are then attached and the system is plugged in to the mains socket.

Options include upper branding panels and front desk and high chairs to complement the end design.

Branding panels are made from perspex material and re usable, these are covered by a branded 100 % compositable transparency film.


Dynamic back lighting brings your branding to life

The back lit upper units can change the lighting colour giving your branding a dynamic touch.

The side mounted Brochure and leaflet dispensers can accommodate up to A4 size brochures.

Fixing points are included to accommodate high grade lockable computer tablet kiosks

Exceptional value for money

Our Shell Scheme stand build includes delivery, setup and collection from each event.

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