Exhibition Stands

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Exhibition Stands

We always try to be different, help our clients stand out from the crowd , when your organisation attends events, the main focus is on communicating the benefits of your brand to business or the passing consumer.

Exhibitions and Events are very much like the fairgrounds we all used to attend when we were kids…..remember, the most exciting rides had the longest ques.

As a business your trying to interact and create confidence to a potential customer
The no 1 design principal we create, has to achieve the following results for our clients.

Attraction. Interaction. Communication. Education. Confidence. Desire

Attraction leads to interaction, and this enables communication, which in turn leads to education, which creates confidence in your brand and leads to desire, the desire to purchase….

The point is, none of the above is relevant if the first design principle isn’t achieved, if there no immediate attraction, you can forget the rest.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if there’s no immediate impact, then people move on in these fast following environments.

The no 2 design principle we alway use is, can the stand be re used with no immediate changes, is it adaptable to most venues, both indoor and out door, and is it eco friendly.

So here we have an example of a product marketing trailer, built from an old scrap horse box trailer, with internal walls and fittings also from scrap material. In fact over 80% is produced from scrap and recycled products. When fully branded it has immediate impact, it is adaptable the different venues, it’s very eco friendly.

Don’t be the same be different, if you’d like more information on our range of vintage sampling trucks and exhibition trailer designs and services, you can view from our website www.ceseventsupport.com
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