Exhibition Trailer Lease Options

With the cost of purchasing an exhibition vehicle or and exhibition trailer running in to thousands of pounds, and then the ongoing costs of maintenance and storage, insurance etc, Leasing can be a more advantageous option for many companies and organisations.

Contract exhibition services offer Exhibition Trailer Hire and leasing option on product marketing trailers, horse box trailers and vintage display trucks. This enables you to have a fully branded colour coordinated stand ready for your events as and when required without the hassle of ownership.

The Vehicle remains the property of Contract exhibition services, the client pays a monthly payment  which covers all ownership, and then you pay for delivery and setup at each event, as and when required 

Vintage Horsebox Trailer Leasing


If you attend Outdoor events and Country shows, A Horse box display trailer is a perfect alternative to a tenting unit or shedding stand,  we design the interior to fit your colours and display requirements and spray and brand the exterior of the trailer,  Leasing includes  trailer storage, insurance and maintenance,  you only pay for delivery and setup at the  events you attend during the year.

Hire options are available per event, and some personalised branding areas on the trailer can be used by the client.

Lease a redesigned bespoke rebuilt Rice Richardson horsebox trailer, fully resprayed and personally Branded Vintage Horsebox Trailer to promote your brands at Country Shows and Events for just £340 per month. Delivered setup and collected per venue as and when required

Exhibition Trailer Hire

Exhibition Trailer Leasing

Lease our range of Product marketing trailers for the season or the duration of your campaign, bespoke designed and branded  to suite your individual requirements and campaign goals, the alternative to a trailer purchase this is the most cost effective method of attending Exhibitions and Events.

Get more from your yearly budget in 2023 , Our easy Leasing options saves you money and the hassle of ownership and associated costs,  your can have a Product Marketing Trailer personalised and branded to your company requirements, managed and delivered to each choose venue for a full season or the full duration promotion campaign.

A single monthly payment cover all aspects of ownership including storage, insurance, maintenance, servicing, brake down cover.

We then charge per event for preparation, loading, logistical delivery, we setup the unit at each event, and then return to collect when the event is finished and return to our storage, and as and when required by your company.

Cost effective services

Consider this, if your organisation attends both indoor and outdoor events, a deposit payment for branding and exterior colour spray, and then a simple monthly payment of around £650 to £900 per month which is around £7800 per year lease for a full mobile exhibition trailer which is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor events, would cost less than having a indoor stand build per event. And because there’s no build cost, just a delivery setup and collection charge, example being, delivery, setup and collection from the NEC £980 plus vat or delivery and setup at London Excel is around £1200 plus vat.

We operate the service on a fixed cost per venue, which enables you to budget for your entire seasons events at the beginning of each calendar year.

Exhibition Trailer Leasing
Exhibition Trailer Hire