Exhibition Trailer Management

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Exhibition Trailer Management

Exhibition Trailer Management

Exhibition Trailers need a service up to twice a year, we offer full service and maintenance contracts to ensure your exhibition trailer is in tiptop condition including a 38 point service and safety check, 240 v electrical certification and internal repairs to fixtures and fittings.

Mobile service workshop can attend your premises to carry out a full inspection and service

Exhibition Trailer Management Services

Our Full 38 Point Fit For The Road Service includes


Chassis and Under gear

Underside floor condition . Chassis condition. Wheel alignment . Underfloor fixings . Chassis attachment. Draw bar condition . Axle/Leaf spring condition

Vehicle Road lighting & Electrics

Side lights . Brake lights . Reverse lights . Number plate lights . Hazard lights . Indicating lights . Roof mounted lights . Fog lights . Road markers . Under floor wiring condition . 7/13 ping plug condition. Lighting lens condition. internal 12v electrics and lighting

Running Gear

Jockey wheel operation . Brake cable condition . Hitch and coupling condition . Tyre condition . Tyre pressure check . Damper condition . Hand brake condition

Brakes . Hubs and Bearings

Brake Shoe condition / Alignment . Hub and back plate condition. Bearings and Seals condition and replacement . Locking axle nut replacement . Hub cap collection . Wheel nut condition. Brake and pad condition and replacement . Brake rod and cable condition

Body . Doors . Floor

Hydraulic rams . Door springs and fittings . Door hinge and locks . side panel and extrusion condition . roof and body condition . panel dampness and leaking

Internal fixtures and fittings

Furniture seating attachment . kitchen and worktops . Internal flooring and carpets . Shelving and cupboards . steps and bannisters

240V electrical certification

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