Horse box trailer conversions

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Horse box trailer conversions

Converting a old horse box trailer is one of the most iconic conversions currently on the market, It’s quirky, rustic look is incredibly appealing to the passing consumer and can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Horseboxes can be converted to cater for a variety of business opportunities  – the possibilities are endless, we have 20 years experience and can help you plan, design and create the perfect conversion for your company, it offers quirky appeal that is sure to get your business noticed.

The internal area can be designed to create the most efficient use of space to give the layout you need. It’s perfect for Brand promotions, Product marketing and sales, Drink sampling campaignsand Street Food kitchens.

So if we asked you, have you ever considered the environment, when designing your next project to promote your brand at events, We’d say probably 50%, would say YES, if we asked you, is it a company policy to opt for the eco option, We’d say 20% would say YES. If we asked you would you consider purchasing a stand which is made from scrap, scrap trailer, old pallets, 1974 ford wheel trims, motorcycle tail lamps, pipes , off cuts of grp panels,secondhand TV , 70% recycled blended with a lot of hard work, how many would say yes, ! …anyway , here you go !
Recommend horse box trailers could be used for any kind of brand marketing …And at around £6000 PLUS VAT for one completed and branded to your requirements, it’s not exactly killing the budget…