Ifor Williams Tri Axle Trailer Service and Parts

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Trailer Servicing

When a Trailer isn’t serviced for years. Your not doing your self any favours. Trailers should be serviced every year even if your not using it regularly.

 A customer brought in a tri Axle Ifor Williams trailer for a service.
The trailer had never been serviced and had major issues when towing including no brakes and a broken damper. Totally illegal on the road.

Full service , repairs to electrics, new socket and lead. New Jockey Wheel, New brake rod, new brake cables, new brake shoes and fittings, new damper,

The trailer also required 6 new tyres and 3 new rims. The end result is a bill well over a £1000

keep your trailer serviced, call us for a spring service and get fit and legal when your on the road.
illegal trailers will effect your insurance