Roadshow Management

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Roadshow Management Services

Nothing helps to create fans of brands more than immersing them in the experience of a business, product or service.

Smart business leaders, marketers and business development professionals recognise the value of boosting company or product knowledge and brand awareness among key audiences.

And nothing does it better than a well-organised corporate roadshow to Drive results and enable brands to create consistent interactive and immersive experiences in multiple locations, empowering brands and business to create new advocates – or a stronger support network of people – who will positively represent their company or service.

So, whether it’s a new product or services you’re launching,  we can help your team deliver roadshow events that resonate and drive results, face-to-face with potential new clients and customers.

CESCOM Roadshow vehicle management services ensure you have a stress-free experience. We run your project including all logistical planning and operation, ensuring everything is delivered and set up correctly prior to the day's activity

We place huge importance on customer service and over the years,
built long standing relationships with many clients whom have recommend us to other exhibitors time and time again.

Total Care Support

We have been supporting engaging brand roadshows for over 21 years, We have supported  many major organisations, taking your brand on the road is what we’re about, Roadshows provide real face-to-face interaction, and  give consumers the opportunity to engage with your brand or service, touching, seeing, talking & hearing are all key brand messages that need to be achieved.

Design Build and Management Services

We design, build exhibition vehicles and trailers, this enables us to offer Clients a leasing option for the duration of your campaign, which includes a monthly payment  covering all associated vehicle costs, such as lease, branding, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, and together with our Management and delivery services can help clients understand the campaign objectives and make the budget work harder which intern helps o achieve the brands objectives.

Roadshow Logistical Planning

Roadshows can be an extremely impactful marketing strategy if delivered correctly, our expertise in logistical planning and implication can help your marketing team deliver a successful outcome to your chosen campaign.

We first discuss we each client there individual brand objectives & then begin building plans that will deliver against these key focuses areas.

Roadshow Locations

Making sure the locations, chosen are going to deliver a high footfall, but also reaching the brands key demographic & also representing good value for money and within budget. We can help choose the correct events and Roadshow locations to ensure they will compliment the brands key objectives.

Roadshow Campaign set-up

We consider the nature of the brand experience with peach client- utilising a Branded Exhibition Trailer, Outdoor Structure, Marquee or a Vintage Sampling Truck, and which design is the most effective for the consumer experience. what elements can incorporated to increase interest time & provide a positive engagement outcome. We also provided logistical analysis, pre event setup and include detailed method statement and risk assessment per venue.

Driver Managers

Our Driver mangers are qualified Class 1 drivers, and from management and military backgrounds, ; we make sure the Drivers working on our campaigns are a perfect fit for the brand & resonate with the brands ethos, We do ask clients to incorporate a detailed product training course to ensure the correct brand messages are communicated confidently.

Eco Friendly

Our range of Mobile Product Marketing Trailers, Horse Box Trailers and Vintage Sampling Trucks are designed to enable our clients to attend events at both indoor and outdoor venues, a one stand fits all design, which is both eco friendly and reusable. Re usable props and intelligent electronic Branding elements are always incorporated into the end design.

Working with Agencies

We understand the importance of working with other clients marketing teams and the chosen agencies to deliver memorable and engaging experience and successful outcome to your campaign.

if you’d like more information on our Roadshow Support Services, Call on 0203 6916232 or visit our website at