Total Care Vehicle Management 

Our vehicle management system gives you peace of mind and is adaptable your your organisation's needs, including  vehicle storage, maintenance and servicing, logistical planning and operation, ensuring everything is ready and delivered to each venue as and when required.

We place huge importance on customer service and over the years. We have built long standing relationships with many clients whom have recommend us to other exhibitors time and time again.

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We are fully qualified NTTA service technicians and can also offer 240v electric certification on trailers with full mains electrics.

Our Total Care vehicle management service

includes a pre seasonal 38 point safety check on trailers up to 3.5 tons MGW 

Chassis and Under gear

Underside floor condition . Chassis condition. Wheel alignment . Underfloor fixings . Chassis attachment. Draw bar condition . Axle/Leaf spring condition

Vehicle Road lighting & Electrics

Side lights . Brake lights . Reverse lights . Number plate lights . Hazard lights . Indicating lights . Roof mounted lights . Fog lights . Road markers . Under floor wiring condition . 7/13 ping plug condition. Lighting lens condition. internal 12v electrics and lighting

Running Gear

Jockey wheel operation . Brake cable condition . Hitch and coupling condition . Tyre condition . Tyre pressure check . Damper condition . Hand brake condition

Brakes . Hubs and Bearings

Brake Shoe condition / Alignment . Hub and back plate condition. Bearings and Seals condition and replacement . Locking axle nut replacement . Hub cap collection . Wheel nut condition. Brake and pad condition and replacement . Brake rod and cable condition

Body . Doors . Floor

Hydraulic rams . Door springs and fittings . Door hinge and locks . side panel and extrusion condition . roof and body condition . panel dampness and leaking

Internal fixtures and fittings

Furniture seating attachment . kitchen and worktops . Internal flooring and carpets . Shelving and cupboards . steps and bannisters

240V electrical certification


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Individual Costing Breakdown

This service is adaptable to your individual needs and is costed on a daily management fee, which means you only pay for the days when work activities take place.

Variable cost examples being

Office work relating to logistical and accommodation requirements

Vehicle preparation and delivery days

Event days for staffing and onsite support


Fixed cost examples being

Yearly storage

Vehicle insurance

Breakdown cover

Mot costs Trailer or Vehicle servicing cost



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CPC Trained class one drivers 

We offer a complete management support service which covers all aspects of vehicle ownership ,Our Event Managers are fully CPC trained class one drivers and have NTTA Trailer servicing and maintenance qualifications 


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Operation & Management

We help many of our clients offering a Operation and Management  service, which includes all the above mentioned areas, if your looking for a team to manage you exhibition trailer or exhibition vehicle and take away the stress and hassle from your own staff, please give us a call we would be happy to give you a full breakdown and quotation