Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands

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Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands


Eco Friendly Exhibition Stands Design

So you’re planning to attend a number of events in 2023, maybe a trade show, business exhibition or a consumer event, and your team plan to have a purpose build exhibition stand built, you approach an number of exhibition stand builders, receive various quotes on the design, build, delivery and installation at your chosen venue, You’ve decided to proceed with the best or most competitive quotation, and after months of hard work, the Exhibition has arrived, egos are running high, your convinced your team has created a super consumer experience or impressed business clients and obviously your industry competitors.

Great job done, you’ve achieved your goals, So when your back at the office congratulating your team on the success you’ve achieved, Remember this .....When the is Event is over, and your very expense purpose built exhibition stand is dismantled, the panelling, carpeting, leaflets, brochures and branding elements all discarded leaving large amount of environmental waste, and just to make matters worse, your yearly marketing budgets taken a heavy bashing leaving you scratching your head and wondering how your going to manage for the rest of the year, Just maybe it’s this year you’ll decide, now is the time your company should step back and have a rethink !.

The exhibition industries reputation of a build and burn policy has to stop, your companies impact on the environment has never been so important, it will become one area in which investors, business clients and consumers view your brand in the future.

Many companies around the UK are pushing forward with eco friendly working practices in there manufacturing operations, transportation, packaging and the waste disposal areas of the business, however when it comes to exhibitions, the eco friendly processes go straight out of the window, and it’s probably because it’s not the client company that has to dispose of the waste, “Out of site means out of mined “ but in the end it is your responsibility, as the client you need to ensure all eco friendly processes are addressed in the design process and the building your stand.

Stand Design Options

Choosing a mobile product marketing trailer as apposed to a purpose built stand, gives your organisation a definite advantage, there efficient, cost-effective and an eco-friendly option for many businesses that attend multiple shows per year.

Product marketing trailers are reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable, allowing total flexibility for environmentally friendly exhibiting. What’s more, there’s no waste left after your stand has been delivered, constructed and dismantled, and with no associated expensive stand build costs, and quick and easy to setup modes, you can use them time and time again, plus there daptable to both indoor and out events, so you can attend an indoor event one week and an outdoor event the next, there the perfect alternative to a purpose built stand. They even advertise your brand on the road when traveling to and from each event.

Modular style Exhibition stands are another example of an eco friendly design, there reusable and can be adapted to both open space areas or shell scheme stands, modular stand design can be very flexible, and enables re use generic branding panels and minimise the use of one off show specific branding elements.

Branding Elements 

The balance between your generic and show specific advertising should always be addressed.

Intelligent branding means looking at the design from a consumers or a business customers point of view, If your design ends up looking like a brochure, then your not achieving anything, remember too much information becomes no information.

One off branded banners and printed panels create the largest amount of waste and, have to be disposed of after each event, good design should minimise one off branding areas and make use of digital media, large TV monitors with pictures and product information, these are great ways to communicate your show offers.

If your design does require banners and printed panels, then make sure the design is generic, which enables you to re use the at the next event, and print on eco friendly materials.

Eco Friendly Printing

Embrace digital, stay paperless, start being more ‘green’ by rethinking your printed promotional materials. Use QR codes, USB sticks and digital handouts are a great way to communicate your marketing messages and stay green at exhibitions.

If you go down the leaflet presses, then printed communication should be on eco recycled papers or from sustainable forests, and printed using eco friendly inks.

Reusable Carpeting or Flooring

When ordering carpeting, you should look for natural or recyclable materials, choosing reusable carpeting and flooring alternatives are a great why of reducing waste at each event you attend.

Energy Efficient Lighting

To increase your eco-friendliness, replace standard light fixtures on your exhibition stand with energy efficient lighting. LED lights contain no toxic elements, draw less power and are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. 12v lighting battery lighting options are also eco friendly and cost effective alternative.

Choose Energy efficient light bulbs cost less to operate; they come in a range of colours to fit your exhibiting needs and last longer than traditional bulbs reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Planning, Logistics and Operation

Planning your event early can save money and minimise the impact on the environment.

Booking accommodation early can save hundreds of pounds, and car sharing for staff attending the event is also an area which can save money.

Order the correct display stock for trade shows, or promotional stocks if your selling at consumer events, make sure your stock levels are correct, don’t over estimate display stock for trade events unless your doing a show giveaway, and don’t underestimate for consumer shows, this leads to extra deliveries and unloading costs during the event.

Over stocking can lead to extra transport and costs in collecting stocks after the event is over. Early planning in all these ares can help reduce costs and improve your overall eco performance per event.

Going Green

The ‘going green’ concept is not a trend any longer, it’s has to be your companies first choice when attending events, helping protect the environment can offer many cost benefits for your business. When planning your next exhibition or event consider all the reusable alternatives , maximise energy-efficiency in design and the ability to recycle and reuse, and plan your logistics and accommodation early.